Do you have a sensitive position that requires the right person?

Are you trying to fill a call center or have a high volume of positions to fill?

The process used by 1st Fruits Consulting is scalable for any number of positions and is appropriate for all levels in your organization. Every position is important to the effective funtioning of an organization, and the better they all mesh together, the more efficient the team.

Recruiting can be based on a retained, contract, or contingency basis and each search is based on the specific needs of the client.


Do you have a short term need or require some expertise in your human resources or employment department?

1st Fruits Consulting is available for projects of a few hours to many months. We have a group of Associates with specific talents to help on various projects for our clients specific needs.

1st Fruits Consulting is available to help train your staff or provide knowledge for job seekers for various groups. A sample of some of our sessions include:

  • Profiles in Employment: Who am I Really Hiring?
  • Sourcing Strategies for Recruiters
  • Tell Me About a Time When... Your Interviews Were Successful! Behavioral Based Interviewing Skills.
  • Resume Writing Seminar
  • Job Searching Strategies
  • Interviewing Preparation

Seminars can be arranged with a minimum of three participants.